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    Straight Line Razor Wire FenceStraight line razor wire mesh is made of blade type barbed wire straightened for easy and quick installation. It makes offer ideal fencing top lines for frightening for the common metal wire fences.

    Features: Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, weather resistance, etc.
    The forms of corrosion resistance include electric galvanizing and hot dipped galvanizing.

    Specification: The blade length, wire diameter, thickness can be custom made.
    Common Sizes:

    A1: Blade thickness: 0.5mm; core diameter: 2.5mm; blade length: 10mm; blade width: 13mm; blade distance: 26mm

    A2: Blade thickness: 0.5mm; core diameter: 2.5mm; blade length: 20mm; blade width: 15mm; blade distance: 33mm

    A3: Blade thickness: 0.5mm; core diameter: 2.5mm; blade length: 15mm; blade width: 15mm; blade distance: 33mm

    A4: Blade thickness: 0.5mm; core diameter: 2.5mm; blade length: 22mm; blade width: 16mm; blade distance: 36mm

    A5: Blade thickness: 0.6mm; core diameter: 2.5mm; blade length: 65mm; blade width: 22mm; blade distance: 102mm

    DET Razor Wire Factory main produce razor wire (razor barbed wire)and galvanized barbed wire, we offer mainly includes single coil razor wire and concertina coil razor wire.  
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