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    Concertina Wire (Coils)Concertina wire is supplied typically in single coils or crossed spiral coils. We can produce razor type barbed wire in concertina coils or straight lines. Blade types and specifications vary according to the customers’ requirements.

    Concertina wire (coil) is made by stainless steel sheets and galvanized high tensile claps. It has a beautiful crossing outlook and it is suitable for uses after extending, making an ideal security fencing with great anti-climb and anti-cutting property.

    Standard materials for razor type barbed wire are either galvanized or stainless steel.

    Main Application: Concertina wire (coil) is used as security fencing and isolation for gardens, residences, military sites and other sites requiring high security.

    DET Razor Wire Factory main produce razor wire (razor barbed wire)and galvanized barbed wire, we offer mainly includes single coil razor wire and concertina coil razor wire.  
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